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How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Soil

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Soil. Most insecticidal soap can be made at home with a spray can, a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher liquid, and water. You will also need to rinse the roots to get rid of the excess soil around the plant as well.

How to Control Soil Gnats Get Busy Gardening Garden from

Surface covering, castile soap, neem oil, cinnamon, physical traps, and biological solution are the most effective solution to get rid off fungus gnats from the soil of house herbs and plants. Sprinkle cinnamon on your soil to kill the bacteria. Each technique aims to break a different point in the fungus gnats’ reproductive cycle.

This Works, But It Requires Very Low Temperatures For A Sustained.

The bacteria in your soil that you’re getting rid of with the cinnamon is the bacteria the gnats like to eat, which means the gnats won’t be able to survive in your soil. Take out the fungus gnat eggs. It’s less scary then it sounds i promise.

Let The Surface Of The Potting Soil Dry Between Waterings Unless The Plant Specifically Needs To Be Kept Damp.

The rotting roots, plant remains and damp soil that fungus gnats love so much will be completely gone. Use hydrogen peroxide to kill fungus gnats. How to get rid of gnats dry the soil.

Allow The Soil To Dry Out, Which Will Kill The Larvae In The Soil.

Lastly, place 1 to 2 inches of sand on top of the soil. If the problem is severe, you can also use a variety of traps, insecticides, and other controls to reduce the gnats. Since both the majority of the life of fungus gnats and the damage they do take place when they are in the soil, this is a good place to begin targeting them.

8) Cinnamon For House Plants.

When these small larvas get adult they start flying on the top layer of soil and search for food. Nematodes will simply eat all the fungus gnats eggs while you sleep. Kill off any larvae in the soil of your houseplants by digging down two to three inches and turning the top of the soil over.

One Option Is To Use Something You Probably Already Have Around Your House Hydrogen Peroxide!

When you spot fungus gnats, immediately isolate any infected plants, if possible, to prevent the adult gnats from laying eggs on other plants. How to eliminate gnats in the soil. Simply sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the soil.

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