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How To Eat Cereal Without Milk

How To Eat Cereal Without Milk. Best 6 ways to eat cereals without milk. When your bunches of oats are running low, cereal flakes can be a crunchy alternative for a unique, homemade granola.

13 Genius Ways to Eat Cereal Without Milk from

The best part of lucky charms is always the marshmallows. Add protein powder and other ingredients to taste, then press the mixture into a greased pan and cut it into bars. Although it will be dry, it will also be crunchy and sweet, which is a great combination for any snack.

Most Of The Cereal I Eat, I Put Milk On.

But cereal has so many more possibilities. It's not bad to eat cereal without milk, but the milk does add nutrients that the cereal doesn't have alone. People who eat cereal without milk, why?

You Just Have To A Handful In A Ziploc Bag, Take It To School Or Work, And Eat It Like Chips During Break Time.

In fact, some even prefer eating cereal with water over any other type of liquid! The amount of cereal you pour depends completely on your appetite. If i've got something like corn pops, i'll sometimes eat that as a snack without milk.

Once You've Got That Down, Take Your Cereal Game To The Next Level By Adding Dry Cereal To The Top Of Your Bowl.

Cereal can be eaten with water instead of milk and there are many people that enjoy this breakfast or snack option. Then as you eat, incorporate crunchy surface cereal into each bite. Personally, absolutely love eating honey nut cheerios dry.

Colorful And Sweet Lucky Charms Cookie Sandwich:

Pour your cereal into your bowl. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Crispy rice cereal tends to get used more in recipes that include marshmallows than anything else.

Usually Eat Them In Place Of Popcorn Or Beer Nuts.

The 5 best ways to eat cereal, without milk. Put your rolled oats into a cereal bowl and pour ½ cup of hot water over them. Using a cereal base, you can make protein bars at home without all the sugar of commercial varieties.

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